Crown and Anchor | Photo by Jon Estrada

Our Favorite Sports Bars

We asked the WENDOH Media staff: What is your favorite sports bar in town?

Not a traditional sports bar per se, Topgolf’s jumbo screen offers one of the best ways to watch sporting events in Las Vegas. Swimming pools, driving-range golf bays and the open-air space make viewing games an experience unlike any other in the city. –Jessi C. Acuña, senior editor, lifestyle

TAP Sports Bar is our spot every year for March Madness. Not a bad seat in the house and a fantastically short stumble to the sportsbook at MGM Grand. –Sim Salzman, chief financial officer

The best sports bar in town is The Garage. I saw many of the last World Cup games there. Crown & Anchor is great and all, but you feel like a sardine when there’s a big soccer match. It felt great to be able to go to The Garage to watch all the games without having drunk, gross men hit on me or try to mansplain soccer to me. –Krystal Ramirez, staff photographer

My couch. –Adam Smith, Life Is Beautiful production coordinator

Crown & Anchor on Tropicana, hands down. It’s a great place to enjoy a Carlsberg, a plate of chicken fingers and fries (the classic sports bar meal) and an interesting conversation with the people sitting next to you. –Matt Iles, account executive

Born and Raised on Cimarron. I don’t even watch sports, but this is my favorite sports bar—so the place must be doing something right. I love the UNLV regalia on the walls; as an alumnus, it fills me with a sense of pride. There are also so many TVs that you can’t not see the game. Oh, and the food is quite tasty. So many sliders! –Amber Sampson, web editor

We like to go to Sapphire Las Vegas for UFC sporting events. They set up the showroom with large screens, food is available and there are raffle tickets and bottle service. Management and operations are stellar (shout out to Dave Wachs!), plus I got my picture taken with Miesha Tate there. Good times! –Kara Dennis, payroll/human resources manager