Create High Art at Puff, Pass & Paint

Courtesy of Puff, Pass & Paint

Puff, Pass & Paint offers a space for cannabis and creativity.

We know what a bunch of people recreationally consuming liquor looks like: It’s a bar. In a few months, the state of Nevada will have to figure out what a bunch of people recreationally consuming cannabis looks like. One idea is Puff, Pass & Paint, an event that not only provides people with a public space to smoke, but encourages creative endeavors while they do.

Puff, Pass & Paint began three years ago in Colorado, when artist Heidi Keyes heard this crazy idea. “I was working as an artist and I was always very into [recreational marijuana] legalization,” she explains. “One of my art clients said, ‘They have those wine and art classes, you should try that with weed.’ I kind of laughed and said, ‘I don’t think anyone would do that … but it would be so fun.’ So I put something on Facebook and it was a big hit—the classes immediately filled up and I began doing it a few times a week.” Since then, Puff, Pass & Paint has expanded into four more cities, with extensions to Boston, Los Angeles and San Diego planned for this summer. It has also been featured on CNN and in The New York Times.

Courtesy of Puff, Pass & Paint

Puff, Pass & Paint allows attendees to create works of art while smoking.

Keyes says that it’s not necessary to be an accomplished artist to enjoy the event—or to be an artist at all. “People range from ‘I last painted a couple of months ago’ to ‘I’ve never painted in my life,’” she says, “We teach the paintings step by step. I always tell people they have the option to follow along with me if they want to, of if they’re feeling really creative or inspired and came up with another idea, that’s totally fine. It’s just about creating a space where people can make art and legally consume.”

Puff, Pass & Paint’s newly established Las Vegas space will also host Cooking with Cannabis classes starting March 4, brunch sessions beginning March 9 and weekly magic classes taught by a local magician. Craft classes and tours are also in the works. Las Vegas is always looking for new ways to entertain and amuse, and adding marijuana to the mix only expands the possibilities. “As cannabis does continue to become legalized, people will realize it’s such a good combination with so many things,” says Keyes, “It makes experiences more enjoyable.”

Puff, Pass & Paint

March 3-4; more classes TBA,