Bobby Brown’s New Prerogative


Bobby Brown and New Edition receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Jan. 23, 2017.

The spotlight, and life in general, hasn’t been too kind to Bobby Brown. The R&B icon-turned-reality star’s exploits and tragedies have been highly publicized. But unlike many, Brown has risen above his controversies. The “Every Little Step” singer is focused in 2017, with a new record on the way. We chat with the hitmaker about life lessons and his meeting with a Hollywood medium before his performance at Silverton Casino Friday night.

What can we expect from your show Friday night at Silverton?

Oh man, you can expect a great show. That’s what I come here for. I pride myself on my performances. There’s nothing better that I love to do in my life. Performing is how I got started, so performing is everything.

You’ve got more than 30 years of hits. Is there any song you’re tired of performing?

“Candy Girl.”

Why’s that?

It’s the first one. You get tired of the first one.

You just turned 48 last month. If Bobby Brown today could give the Bobby Brown of 30 years ago one piece of advice, what would it be?

I just would tell him, stay focused … Stay focused on the prize man. Sometimes you lose your train of thought growing up as a kid.

You’re a pioneer in the genre of R&B. How do you feel about the music that’s out today?

There’s a lot of R&B cats out there right now killing it. I appreciate the sound. Bruno Mars, Usher—there’s so many cats out there right now that’s just doing things that I can appreciate.

Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic is very much an homage to the sound you helped create. How did you feel when you heard that record?

I felt great. When somebody pays homage to you, you can only accept it and hold it tight. I really appreciate him appreciating real music. That’s what it is, real music, you know? That’s R&B with a pop feel to it. I just love what he’s doing.

What about yourself? Are you working on any new material?

I’m working on a new album. Soon to come. I’m looking forward to working with a bunch of new producers and some of the old producers that I’ve worked with in the past. Just looking forward to doing what I do … I’ll be working with Teddy Riley, I’ll be working with Babyface. I’m looking forward to working with my team again and just making it happen.

You’re featured in an upcoming episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, who connects you with your late ex-wife Whitney Houston. What was that experience like?

It wasn’t to connect with anybody; it was to connect with myself, to just try to get out the cobwebs in my head, in my heart and in my mind. It wasn’t one specific thing that I was trying to get to. I was just trying to meet up with whoever needed to meet up with me. Whoever had something left to say …

It was a great experience. People will see it when they see it. He’s a really gifted kid.

Do you visit Vegas often?

Not as much as people might think. Maybe three or four times a year, but yeah. Yeah, I love Vegas though. I can’t wait to perform tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Why do you say less than people might think? What’s the perception that people have of you?

That I’m out all the time; I’m probably just partying all the time. Nah. I’m definitely a homebody, but Vegas is a fun spot. When I get out here it’s time to rumble.

Bobby Brown

March 3, Veil Pavilion at Silverton Casino, 7 p.m., $39-54,