¡Ay, Dios Mío!

The President. The wall. The proposed 20 percent import tariff. Things we love from Mexico might be getting a price hike.

Cierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

Mexican Booze

In order for tequila to be tequila and mezcal to be mezcal, they have to be made in designated Mexican states. So there’s no way around the price increase other than to load up on these agave spirits while you can. And say goodbye to cheap Corona, Tecate and Modelo.

Fresh Produce

We know guac is extra at Chipotle, but now we appreciate the warning. Mexico is our second top supplier of agricultural goods after Canada. Imagine an additional 20 percent tacked on to already pricey avocados, and that’s one expensive dip!


Our top import from Mexico is cars. Due to inexpensive labor costs, whips like the Toyota Tacoma and Fiat 500, among others, are assembled just south of the border. Prepare to be ballin’ in order to drive a Ford Fiesta.

Hot Sauce

A true romance, Mrs. Cholula is Mr. Tapatío’s wife, and we must keep them together in our refrigerators and cabinets. So, we might have to fork over a little more dough on the hot mama, since she’s made in Chapala, Jalisco.

Medical and Optical Equipment

Another major import are medical and optical equipment. If they’re too expensive, that may deter hospitals from buying new products. Nothing instills confidence like an outdated life support system.