What’s the Most Exotic Thing You’ve Eaten in Las Vegas?

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

The Bird Nest in Coconut at Phoenix inside Lucky Dragon

The Bird Nest in Coconut soup at Phoenix inside Lucky Dragon was a psychologically difficult dish to sample, but it was quite tasty. Here’s to some fancy-ass bird spit soup! —Cierra Pedro, senior designer

I tried the chapulines (grasshoppers) from El Dorado Cantina. Vegas Seven shot them for an article a couple of years ago, and a box of them made its way back to the office. Not bad! —Haley Obata, executive assistant

The seared monkfish liver at Estiatorio Milos inside The Cosmopolitan. Absolutely amazing! —Jane Weigel, controller

Wasabi grated by Nobu Matsuhisa himself. It tasted nothing like the horseradish stuff you typically get at a sushi joint, which burns your sinuses and makes your eyes water. Real wasabi is herbaceous and smooth. It starts out spicy and tastes almost sweet at the end. Who knew?! —Genevie Durano, managing editor

Brian Howard, former chef of Comme Ça inside The Cosmopolitan, loved to serve me Rocky Mountain oysters—otherwise known as bull testicles—as a special treat. The adage “tastes like chicken” did not apply. —Melinda Sheckells, editor-in-chief

The scorpion shot at Nacho Daddy. It tasted like tequila that didn’t want to be swallowed, as the little legs tried to hold onto my throat on the way down. —Jessie O’Brien, editor, DTLV.com

Fat choy, or black moss, which I had during a Chinese New Year dinner at Hakkasan. I’d liken it to an even more pungent spinach. I’ll stick with Popeye’s favorite treat. —Mark Adams, arts & entertainment editor