Club Tour: 1 OAK

The Las Vegas hot spot turns five on March 15. Let's celebrate with a guided tour of the venue and a reflection on the unforgettable moments

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Your Host

As a VIP hostess server at 1 OAK, Alyse Stasio gets deep into the action all night, every night. The Boston native has lived in Las Vegas for about 10 years and has been working with the desert iteration of 1 OAK since its beginning five years ago. “I was one of the original openers,” Stasio says.

And the multi-city franchise (with locations in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas) has got it down when it comes to bringing the party. The Strip location, nestled inside The Mirage, started with a bang and hasn’t lost momentum. Stasio recalls the venue’s storied history, filled with celebrity guests, flowing bubbly and relationships that last a lifetime. “You never know what your night is gonna be,” she says.

Drink Up

“I always recommend Champagne, that’s my drink of choice,” Stasio says. In true Las Vegas nightclub fashion, a variety of presentations accompany the delivery of the most decadent. Servers and bussers pull out all of the bells and whistles—or dragon-themed props and flags, that is—to bring attention to the high rollers and big spenders.

During one presentation, a prop car that supports a server and bottle is hoisted into the air by the staff and transported across the club with a grand delivery. “The car is my favorite,” she says. “It just works really well with our venue, the way it’s set up, because it’s open. So when [we] do that car presentation, the whole entire club can see it. People go crazy for that.”

Photo by Tomo

Snap That

The venue provides an atmosphere and ambiance worth snapping for social media. Stasio highlights the features that always pop up on the feeds, including the giant 1 OAK sign above the DJ booth and the iconic “Ended up at 1 OAK” neon, which also lives in the New York City and Los Angeles locations.

Another point of interest is the collection of pillows found lining the booths. “Every time a celebrity comes in, we get a pillow with their name on it,” Stasio explains. We do that for our big spenders, as well. People will walk around the booths and look at the different names of celebrities that have been in and they wanna take pictures with their pillows.”

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Coming Up

The Las Vegas club turns five years old on Wednesday, March 15, with a performance from hip-hop heavyweight 2 Chainz. The mid-week parties at 1 OAK are pretty much always on and poppin’ according to Stasio, but will bring even more heat for the milestone anniversary. “We have amazing local and industry support so Wednesday is always a super fun party,” says Stasio.

In March alone, 1 OAK hosts 2 Chainz, Lil Jon and O.T. Genasis, among a variety of DJ mix masters like DJ Gusto and DJ Crooked.

Another one of 1 OAK’s frequent personalities is Scott Disick, who makes stops at the club to host wild nights of partying and debauchery. “He’ll come in and get warmed up and he’ll get on the mic and just say crazy things. It’s very entertaining,” Stasio says.

 1 OAK Countdown

5 Years
4 The Life of the Party
3 Cities
2 Chainz
1 Of A Kind Experience …

Photo by Tomo

Ended Up at 1 OAK

“We kinda coined the term, ‘you never know who will end up at 1 OAK.’ We made that up because we’ve had so many celebrities come in,” Stasio says.

But 1 OAK isn’t just a hangout for the famous. It’s also a good place to meet cool people. “I’ve seen customers become friends that didn’t know each other at different tables. [They] plan trips together to come back to 1 OAK.”