House of Alchemy. Photo: Krystal Ramirez

Vegan Eats With Perk

Where to get your plant-based favorites and your caffeine kick.

Let’s face it: If you’re vegan, it isn’t always easy to grab a cuppa with friends and snack while catching up, meeting or working remotely. Fortunately, more vegan-friendly coffee shops are popping up in town, to the delight of cruelty-free consumers across the Valley. From Henderson to Spring Valley, we’re taking you on a tour of our favorites.

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

House of Alchemy’s Lady Lavender nut milk.

House of Alchemy (4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr., is the newest shop to open its doors. It isn’t just a gorgeous coffee shop, but it’s a place to enjoy healthy food and drinks. Complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, an upstairs level featuring comfortable couches and ample spots to perch, this new Spring Valley gem aims to improve its customers’ lives by offering cleaner eating options. Sure, it’s got coffee and tea, but the main draw here is the all-organic menu focusing heavily on plant-based items, many of which are raw. Grab a flat white (with soy or almond milk) or a nut milk like the Lady Lavender, made with filtered water, coconut water, cashews, almonds, dates, maqui berry, lavender and Himalayan salt; then indulge in a raw dessert such as the strawberry cheesecake filled with coconut meat and berries and covered in a dark chocolate shell. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry. There are also breakfast and lunch items to nosh on and a complete menu launching this spring.

TIABI (3961 S. Maryland Pkwy., 6320 Simmons St.,, which stands for “To inspire and be inspired,” has been a staple of the coffee scene in the UNLV neighborhood for a few years, thanks to its rotating events such as comic workshops and fundraisers that bring in the crowds. If you’re heading there for breakfast, the Viva Las Elvis—a waffle (add vegan protein, if you’re keen) covered in melted peanut butter and banana, topped with coconut bacon and agave—is what you need. For lunch, check out the Guru Burger, a sweet and savory veggie patty served in a vegan wafflewich; or try the Thai Basil Vegan, a veggie patty covered in Thai peanut sauce, with sliced avocado and almonds, fresh basil and Daiya mozzarella. As far as the drinks go, with almond, soy and coconut milk as the base for your beverages, there are plenty of delicious creations to check out. Want a dessert and drink in one swoop? Order Tiff’s Waffle Macchiato, a cinnamon vanilla macchiato with nondairy milk topped with a churro waffle.

Tucked deep in Henderson in the master-planned Inspirada, Jolly Beans Cafe (2016 Via Firenze, has garnered a vegan following. “We were often told how thankful [the customers] are that we exist on this side of town,” explains co-owner Heidi Enrile. “What strikes us is that we often have customers who come from all parts of town [for the vegan menu].” Grab a smoothie, latte or coffee and chow down on a vegan grilled cheese or the uber-popular Grateful Gobble, a grilled panini stuffed with vegan turkey, vegan mayo, avocado, lettuce and tomato and your choice of vegan cheese. Or order the Green Thumb Breakfast Bagel, filled with a veggie sausage patty with vegan mayo, cheddar or American vegan cheese and finished with some fresh spinach, tomato and avocado.

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

House of Alchemy’s Peanut Butter Delight and Carrot Cake Cheesecake Bites.

The coffee roastery and farm-to-table bakery Mothership Coffee Roasters (2708 N. Green Valley Pkwy., is one of the only shops in town with vegan pastries to accompany their massive coffee program. Using plant-based ingredients, they whip up vegan Twinkies filled with lavender cream and more, plus savory veggie hand-pies, cookies, muffins and other deliciousness to sink your teeth into. This light and airy hangout cooks up fresh-baked goods daily, so you never know what you’re going to get.

Owned by the same folks as Mothership is Sunrise Coffee Shop (3130 E. Sunset Rd.,
), where an estimated 25 percent of the business comes courtesy of those looking for vegan options, according to owner Juanny Romero. The most popular options for those opting out of animal products? The almond milk lavender matcha latte or the alien burrito filled with beans, couscous, hummus, vegan cheese, spinach, tomato, avocado and Veganaise. Sunrise has a decent vegan food menu, complete with pastries, as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches. 

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