Dominic Grizzelle, blogger, model and self-described visionary, is all about the aesthetic. His Instagram, an inspirational collection of the photo shoots Grizzelle styles himself, is carefully curated. He oversees everything from wardrobe to location to creative direction.

“It’s about capturing the eye of your followers,” he says. “I make sure everything looks cohesive, clean and appealing.” His talents have landed him sponsorships with various brands such as Urban Outfitters and modeling jobs with companies such as KNYEW. Though, for Grizzelle, the focus is on creating art that’s innovative and stimulating.

“My favorite part of the process is pushing people out of their comfort zones, getting them to try something different and still feel confident,” he says. “Ultimately, I want people to see my work and walk away feeling inspired and courageous.” 8,100 followers