Looking Back at the Scene and Forward to the Spring

How has the Vegas music and cultural scene most changed in the past 25 years?

Volume, variety and information. In 1992, the scene was much smaller, and you were likely to run into the same group of friends at every concert, art opening, spoken-word event and café. It was small and close-knit to the point of being insular and cliquish, and back then the primary source of information was print publications: In Music, Las Vegas New Times and Scope (which I edited).

Today, the local cultural scene still suffers ups and downs, but with the growth of the Downtown scene, The Smith Center and venues along the Strip as well as in the suburbs, Las Vegas has reached a point where it’s hard to keep track of everything there is to do. One has to be connected to every venue’s social media channels to know what’s going on, otherwise you’ll miss something. Being overwhelmed by options is something we never imagined back when the core of the scene was at the Huntridge Theater, the Enigma and Espresso Roma cafés, and a handful of University District bars.

Pooch-Friendly Patios, Updated

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

This column recently discussed the Southern Nevada Health District’s dog-friendly patio waivers; with spring officially arriving on March 20, I’ve noticed multiple local restaurants using social media to tout their patios as Fido-friendly.

But the patio waiver requirements, as seen on the SNHD website, are fairly extensive, and include signage, rules forbidding dogs on furniture and laps, accident cleanup requirements and a $118 fee. It wouldn’t be surprising if many dog-friendly patios haven’t actually been granted an SNHD waiver. Curious, I searched the SNHD website for a list of approved patios. No luck. So I queried the SNHD, and found that obtaining the list requires completion of a Public Records Request. Hardly expedient or citizen-friendly, especially since the list can change frequently.

If you want to visit an approved dog-friendly patio, you might ask management to produce the approval letter from the SNHD. Other things to look for: a marked separate patio area for owners bringing dogs and a prominently placed waste bag dispenser. Sanitation is, after all, in the best interest of both diners and their pets.

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