Dinner and a Show, Dollar Blackjack and a Hot Tea Happy Hour

Where can you get Las Vegas’ best prime rib deal? While there are lots of candidates, the choice turns out to be pretty easy. In fact, one casino offers what I’d rank as the top two choices for a complete prime rib dinner in bargain territory. It’s Sarah’s Kitchen at Klondike Sunset, where an $8.99 special that comes with choice of potato and vegetable is served daily from 4–11 p.m. Better yet is the $12.99 option, which is bigger and also includes soup or salad, served from 11 a.m. until it’s gone. No microwaves here; the prime rib is cut to order right off the roast. And if you really want something to talk about, Sarah’s Kitchen periodically serves a $5.55 45-ounce prime rib dinner, also with the vegetable and choice of potato from 3–11 p.m. that I’d match against almost anything in town for $10 or less.

Old-timers may remember when dinner shows were the thing. From time to time, casinos make an effort to combine meals and entertainment—the combo rarely comes off, but it works just fine at the Golden Nugget, where there’s a brand-new show-and-buffet deal for just $46.45 after all taxes and fees. The Nugget’s buffet is underrated, with peel-and-eat shrimp, a big carving station and a grade A dessert lineup headlined by its famous bread pudding. Have dinner, then catch Frankie Moreno and his 10-piece backing band, a show that’s worth the price by itself. Purchased individually, the combo costs about $60, so it’s a significant saving for a very cool night out.

Speaking of cool, when was the last time you played $1 blackjack? Hooters is dealing a single $1 minimum game 24/7. This is a bad game rules-wise, with naturals paying even money, as opposed to the traditional 3-2, on bets of $5 or less. But really, who cares? You’ll lose less on a $1 game with bad rules than on most $10 games with good ones, so have at it—if you can get a seat.

Earn 300 points ($100 coin-in) on Thursdays at the Palms and get a free Brenden Theatres movie ticket. You have to earn the points on a Thursday, but the ticket is valid anytime. Earn and redeem 2,000 same-day points ($2,000 coin-in) at Suncoast and get a comped movie and dinner at SC Prime Steakhouse & Bar. Get a movie and a buffet or an entrée at The Game, its sportsbook, for 1,000 points.

Moving from the casinos to the bars, join the players club at Mr. G’s on East Desert Inn and get your first $50 in losses refunded. Take your shot and, if you lose $50, it goes back on your machine in free play immediately.

Finally, chalk up some creativity points for Lucky Dragon, which has initiated Tea Tuesdays. It’s a happy hour for tea drinkers, with 50 percent off exotic blends offered in Cha Garden near registration. The deal runs from 9 a.m.–11 p.m. Drive carefully.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and LasVegasAdvisor.com.