Teen Spirit Smells Less Like Weed Than Ever

Save the children has long been the rationale driving anti-weed propaganda and opposition to legalization. And it would be a fair argument, assuming a real threat; marijuana is a drug. Still, more than half the country believes marijuana should see national legalization, or at least federal rescheduling, and weed is already sold legally in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

A long-standing pillar of this frequent argument held by opponents of any sort of marijuana normalization is that more youths will use weed should it become legal. But in Washington state, where cannabis has been legal since 2012 (when voter-approved Initiative 502 took effect) and available for legal purchase since 2014, that hasn’t happened. According to a recently conducted survey, teen-green-consumption in the Evergreen state hasn’t budged. And in other legal-weed states it’s on the decline …

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