Seen Around Town: Ricky Martin Is Ready to Bang

Celebrities frequent our city around the clock. Here's the most notable visits of the week.

All hail the arrival of Ricky Martin on the Las Vegas Strip. Fans have been posting videos and pics of the 45-year-old superstar around town as he settles in for the first dates of his “All In” residency at the Park Theater. By the way, give it up for the Park–they’re booking all the hot residencies lately; Bruno Mars, Cher, Ricky – it’s been a long time since Monte Carlo got some love. Give it fast, by the way, because it won’t be Monte Carlo for much longer.

Back to Mr. Martin. On Tuesday, the “She Bangs” singer shared a behind-the-scenes video of all the choreography, lighting and Cirque-like aerial acts featured in the show. Our take: Ricky shouldn’t have any problem reigniting his late-’90s/early-’00s mega-stardom, if it ever faded in the first place.

Magic Mike Already a Must-See

Speaking of people with no problems, the guys at Magic Mike Live Las Vegas just got to town, and they’re already making friends. Pop star Leona Lewis celebrated her 32nd birthday at the show over the weekend, and she happily posed for a photograph with creator Channing Tatum and two of the performers. Because she’s Leona Lewis and we’re not, she even got a private meet-and-greet with the whole gang.

Stars Bask in ACM Spotlight

Las Vegas didn’t have CinemaCon to draw celebrities this week, but it did have the Academy of Country Music Awards. And the best thing about stars is that they’re just like us: eager to post photos of themselves at big-time events, just to prove they were there.

“Time Is Love” singer Josh Turner and his wife, Jennifer, posed for a selfie after finding their seats at the show on Sunday night. The best part is reading fan reactions proclaiming Turner a “real” country artist, so now we have that to go along with “real America” and “lamestream country.”

And for further proof that genre-crossing is not a crime, Rascall Flatts posed alongside Las Vegas headliners Backstreet Boys on the ACM red carpet. Imagine if they collaborated and it was as good as the time Aerosmith got together with Run-D.M.C. Imagine.