Robert Irvine shows us his best squat stance at his soon-to-open Tropicana restaurant.

Chef Robert Irvine Announces New Details on Tropicana Restaurant

The best things comes to those who wait. And, Thursday night at Robert Irvine Live, the statement rang true. Following about 30 minutes of sound issues, the packed house inside the Tropicana Theater was treated to Food Network star and celeb chef Robert Irvine’s one-night-only show which served two purposes: to reinforce Irvine’s culinary prowess and get Las Vegas amped up for his new restaurant debuting at the property … as well as to announce yet another piece of his carefully curated restaurant puzzle. This time, the announcement was twofold: the name and logo of his first Las Vegas restaurant—Robert Irvine’s Public House for those of you at home—and its mission.

It’s Irvine’s goal to make his restaurant a place for all to meet, complete with entertainment and an eclectic menu with “five or six unique dishes” that will wow guests.

Irvine remains tight-lipped about details, but did give a few more nuggets to the crowd following the show, including the news that he plans on being onsite and not an “absentee chef,” and that his staff will know him and his family, and vice-versa. That, and the restaurant will deliver something on the Strip that “doesn’t exist,” including reasonable prices for a celeb chef–driven restaurant and a strong relationship with the local community. More details to come … soon?