Open Letter to the Drug Testing Industry of America: Don’t Tread on Us

Until there is such a thing as a guaranteed minimum income in this country, the right to work is important for basic survival. Beyond keeping homelessness and starvation at bay, the American work ethic has been presented for generations as the foundation for upward social mobility. A good job is the building block to a better job, which can lead to an elevated career plateau and the ascension from working-class semi-poverty to the stratum of middle-class opportunity.

From the middle class, as a reward for your hard-working diligence, your children are in a position to ascend to the professional classes. After that next generation becomes doctors, lawyers, and television show runners, limitations fall away. The children of your children could grow up to become anything—even politicians.

Work hard enough, and you might live to see your grandchildren holding public office in Washington, D.C., where they will intermittently propose and pass federal laws that impinge upon or rescind the right to work, destroying the dreams of upward mobility and imperiling the basic survival of vast numbers of honest job seekers struggling to keep from being pulled under by downward-trending economic currents….

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