George Strait Gives a Relaxed Performance of His Hits at T-Mobile Arena

George Strait plays at his Friday show.

King of Country George Strait returned to T-Mobile Arena April 7–8 for another installment of his Strip residency, in which he performs many of his 60 No. 1 hits chronologically. Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival production coordinator Adam Christopher Smith was on the scene, taking in the legend’s country crooning. Here are some of his takeaways:

Top songs performed:

Check Yes or No” and “Carrying Your Love With Me”—everyone in the crowd knew the words to these three tracks.

Production value:

With little lighting, balanced sound and a great backing band, the production value was perfect for Strait’s softer hits. Unfortunately, his voice wasn’t very on top of the mix, which made it a bit hard to hear his vocals during louder tunes.

Weirdest thing that happened:

I was sitting at a bar outside of T-Mobile Arena when a man wearing a blue denim jacket and a black cowboy hat took a seat three stools down. It was George Strait—just being a normal guy, having a drink before the show. It was refreshing to see a man of his stature simply hanging out with the normal folk.

Why this show mattered (or why it didn’t matter):

For a show from the King of Country, it felt almost lackluster. I was expecting a big spectacle from the man with 61 No. 1 hits, but instead the crowd got a very relaxed show. It almost felt like he was just going through the motions: playing the songs, walking to each corner of the stage to say a few things, then repeating what he just did.

Final thoughts:

Strait is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and it was still an honor to watch the legend perform his craft.