What Is the Bar “Where Everybody Knows Your Name?”

Settebello at The District. My friends and I often meet there for Neapolitan-style Margherita pizzas and $5 Mule Mondays that always hit the spot. —Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

Professionally, there are many. But the one where I’m personally happiest to hear my name ring out is from the front-door-facing service well at Herbs & Rye from whomever might be working it that night. —Xania Woodman, senior contributing editor

Rebar! Very personable staff. Owner [Derek Stonebarger] is always there meeting and greeting. —Kristina Kassimatis, marketing coordinator

People used to know me at bars, but now I drink anonymously. —Jessie O’Brien, editor, DTLV.com

Marquee Nightclub where my husband works. It’s the main way we can see each other on the weekends. —Nicole Niazmand, director of digital sales

DONUT BAR! —Adam Christopher Smith, Life Is Beautiful production coordinator

One of the best reasons for moving to my current residence was its proximity to Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits, a liquor store in Silverado Ranch. After two years of weekly visits, I’m now familiar with both the staff and devoted regulars. Tap takeovers on Wednesday nights and impromptu weekend bottle shares with then-strangers definitely aided that development. —Mark Adams, arts & entertainment editor