The Impossible Burger at Andrea's. Photo: Aubrie Pick

Where’s the Beef? With The Impossible Burger, Nowhere

And that’s a good thing.

If you’ve been on the fence about adopting a more plant-based diet because you just can’t see yourself giving up a big, juicy burger, well, now you don’t have to. The Impossible Burger is here, and, true to its name, it looks, smells, bleeds, cooks and tastes just like ground beef, but is made entirely from plant-based ingredients such as wheat, potatoes and coconut oil. In development since 2011, it uses 75 percent less water, generates 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases and requires 95 percent less land than its bovine counterpart. The Impossible Burger provides a comparable amount of iron to conventional beef without the cholesterol, and it’s made without hormones of antibiotics.

Previously only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York (it debuted last summer at David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in NYC), the Impossible Burger will be at Andrea’s in Encore at Wynn Las Vegas ( starting April 14 in three iterations, including sliders with kimchee (pictured), Thai crispy rice cups and Ma Po Tofu meatballs. That’s news carnivores and herbivores alike can moo-n over.