They’ve Got Spirit

Our city’s bartenders have some stories to tell—their own

From their places across the wood (or marble, or concrete), bartenders listen to us, accompany us through life’s celebrations and council us through its heartbreaks. To borrow from Napoleon’s supposed quote about Champagne, they are essential in both victory and defeat. With a few flicks of their wrists, bartenders deftly apply such remedies as may be appropriate to the situation at hand—a bubbly toast, brooding tipple, hasty shot, or a well-timed glass of water. And for the mind, they dispense distilled wisdom.

But what about their lives, their stories? While you’re imbibing, your bartender might be squaring off with health issues, legal challenges or good ‘ol Mother Nature just to have the privilege of serving you that vodka martini, “extra dirty, with three olives.” What if, just this once, we gave the bartenders the floor?

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