Oh Wonder Offered Fan Favorites (And An Unreleased Track) At Brooklyn Bowl

After hitting the road extensively throughout 2016, Oh Wonder kicked off its 2017 tour April 12 at Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq Promenade. Life Is Beautiful Festival manager Lauren Del Frago was on the scene. Here are a few of her top takeaways:

1. Touring to support the band’s upcoming second album, Ultralife, the London-based duo arrived onstage excited and ready to reconnect with their fans—and it was all good vibes from start to finish.

2. The stage was set with a massive LED light in the shape of the letters “OW” that changed colors, perfectly set to match the mood of each of their songs.

3. Well-known tracks such as “Drive”, “Lose It”, and “Technicolour Beat” had the all-ages audience singing along—and even newly released singles “Ultralife” and “Lifetimes” kept the audience engaged.

4. The indie-pop outfit also debuted a song off its anticipated album, “High on Humans”—and everyone’s phones were out to record the unreleased song that’s sure to be a hit.

5. Overall, it was great to see how much this duo has grown musically.

Photos by Patrick Gray / Kabik Photo Group