Empire of the Sun Rocks The Chelsea … Literally

The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan, April 15

Fresh off its Friday night Coachella set on the festival’s Sahara Stage, Empire of the Sun made a quick stop in Las Vegas while touring its new album, Two Vines. As always, frontman Luke Steele put on an incredible show from start to finish.

The Chelsea’s floor might’ve never moved so much, as the electronic rockers performed a set that inspired concertgoers to dance the whole time, literally rocking the Cosmopolitan music venue. Some came in festival gear and others chose to dress in elaborate costumes—but not outdoing the dancers onstage, who changed looks with each song (even Steele had a few cape and headdress changes throughout the show).

Photos by Erik Kabik Photography / ErikKabik.com

The hour-long set was packed with hits and deeper cuts such as “High and Low,” “We Are the People,” and, of course, crowd favorite “Walking On a Dream,” in which Luke shared his mic with an excited fan before smashing his guitar in true rock star fashion. The show closed with “Alive,” which left the audience only wanting more.

Empire of the Sun’s show at The Cosmopolitan was like a journey through outer space to another planet, and then back down to Earth again—an incredible show, both visually and instrumentally.