Glam, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am!

The Uber of hair, makeup and nails is here.

Cara Santana is passionate about beauty and bringing glamour to the everyday woman. From the red carpet—she’s acted in TV shows such as Santa Clarita Diet and Salem, among others—to covering fashion for her style blog, “Cara Disclothed,” the 33 year old has been working hard to bring the “Uber of hair, makeup and nails” to new cities.   

Cara Santana and Joey Maalouf

Along with close friend and celebrity hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf, the two co-founded The Glam App, an on-demand service that puts customers in direct contact with stylists. And they’ve recently brought this salon-at-your-fingertips concept to W hotel, which celebrated its grand opening on March 31. (Read here if you’re curious how we spent 24 hours in it)

The tastemaker hosted a pop-up event then to announce the launch of the app and its partnership with the hotel (located at SLS Las Vegas). Former Miss Universe and fellow fashionista, Olivia Culpo, and actor/fiancé Jesse Metcalfe were on hand to support.

Since launching in 2015, Santana says the goal has been to create, “A way that not only consumers could get on-demand, in-home beauty at an affordable, accessible and luxury price and service, but that freelance stylists could build their brand, expand their clientele, be their own bosses.”

The platform acts as a virtual agency, and includes a nationwide team of over 2,000 professionals. Users can choose from recent beauty school graduates to “VIP” professionals with five or more years of experience. Rest assured each stylist is background-checked and must be insured with a cosmetology license. It’s currently available in 22 cities.

With the touch of a button, guests can get made up in their rooms like celebrities do. Simply select the type of hairstyle, makeup or manicure desired, then book a pro that matches your budget. Scheduling includes future house calls or immediate services, in which case a confirmation appears, and your personal glam squad will be en route.

Clients can rate their appointment and, likewise, the artists are reviewed. The large pool allows for competitive pricing, too. Services range from $25 to $115. “Maybe you’re not the kind of person who gets their makeup done all the time, but if it’s prom or a wedding party, you’re going to splurge,” Santana says.

Download the Glam App from the Apple Store or Google Play;