Salute's whole roasted fish. Photo by Cierra Pedro

Salute’s Whole Roasted Fish Hits the Spot

Imagine a place where the fish is so fresh all you need for its preparation are a few simple ingredients. This is everyday life on the coasts of Italy, but it is also the case at Salute Trattoria Italiana (in Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa,, where chef Luke Palladino has re-created a classic Neapolitan dish called Acqua Pazza (literally, “crazy water”). Along with tomatoes, potatoes and olives, fresh fish (which varies day to day) is roasted, its belly stuffed with slivers of garlic, celery, fennel, Ligurian chilis, marjoram and parsley sprigs and seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and white wine. The dish ($38) is presented at the table, then taken back to the kitchen and filleted. Adventurous eaters opt to eat the fish from the bone, which the chef applauds. “You don’t realize how delicious fish is until you roast it whole, and the most flavorful part is near the bone.” We couldn’t agree more.