What Does ‘Being Green’ Mean to You?

“Kermit the Frog with an acoustic guitar. Or one of those spacebabes with chartreuse skin and a  chainmail bikini who was always coming on to Captain Kirk on Star Trek.” —Lissa Townsend Rodgers, editor at large

“Being green is attempting to leave as small a carbon footprint as my non-Prius driving, pseudo-recycling family of six-boxes-of-coconut-milk-a-week-devouring monsters can manage.” —Sim Salzman, chief financial officer

“Showing up to vote.” —Justin Weniger, the “Wen” in Wendoh Media

“Being green is when you buy eight items at the store and you say, ‘no bag.’ Then you struggle to carry your candy, drinks and the one thing you actually went in there for. I gotcho back Earth!” —Adam Christopher Smith, production coordinator, Life Is Beautiful Festival

“If you say ‘going green’ three times into a mirror, a Caucasian woman with dreads who reeks of patchouli, wears those weird toe shoes and carries a yoga mat will appear and hand you a glass of kombucha.” —Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content

“Being green means skipping the drive to lunch in Downtown and renting an RTC city bike instead.” — Lauren DelFrago, manager, Life Is Beautiful Festival

“It’s a term stamped on store tags so people can feel good about spending money there.” —Shannon Miller, assistant editor