After the Rain

How one entertainment exec turned puddles into art

Photographing puddles is nothing like working with major talent and influencers to bring them to Las Vegas. Just ask Mike Snedegar—he does both.

The entertainment marketing director for Tao Group spends his days (and nights) hanging out with influencers and celebrities and arranging their appearances at Tao venues around town. When he’s not doing that, he’s equipped with his camera (either a Canon 6D, Sony RX100 M II or his iPhone 7 plus) and chasing storms. Well, the aftermath of them.

Snedegar has had a lifelong interest in photography, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he began to really dive into the world behind the lens. In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, he joined Generosity Water and headed to the Caribbean country to raise awareness about the clean water crisis, camera in hand.

“I took a lot of images of Haiti and the aftermath and how [it was] rebuilding,” he explains, recalling the tent cities he visited and the peril in which Haitians were living after the destruction. “I took those photos and brought them back and raised money for Generosity Water.”

The entertainment executive’s world shifted after that experience.

“It was a turning point for me,” Snedegar says. “I started to get into photography more seriously.” Soon, he was spending his free time exploring Las Vegas, shooting Red Rock National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park and taking “thousands and thousands” of photos.

One night, he was shooting in Downtown following a storm.

“I walked by a reflection of one of the signs in the water that had collected in the street. I took a picture and I liked it,” he recalls. “I thought of it as a different way to see Vegas and Downtown.”

After that, he began going into different parts of town to search for puddles to shoot.

Soon, people took notice and started to request prints of his puddle photos, while his Instagram climbed to more than 30,000 followers. Now the exec is introducing his art to the world courtesy of his new website,, and he also has a Vegas-centric photography book in the works.

As for his favorite puddle photo? Having taken hundreds of watery city images, it’s hard for him to narrow it down. But he tries: “I have a few of El Cortez I love, and one of the High Roller at The Linq when the sun was setting.”

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