Get a Touch of Spring Color With Jane Iredale’s New Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Jane Iredale

Not only is it important to celebrate Earth Day, but the beauty this planet has given us as human beings. Just how it’s crucial to take care of the planet, treating our mind and body like our own temple can really make a difference in the way we treat others, ourselves, and most importantly, Mother Nature. The Earth’s future depends on even the smallest of decisions we make in our daily lives, even when getting ready at our vanity in the morning with cosmetics.

“Essentially, every clean product that is sold is a move toward sustainability,” says Shawn Towne, global educator and professional makeup artist of Jane Iredale.  “If our products are created and manufactured correctly, then we are doing our part to ensure that animals are not harmed, resources are not depleted, pollution is not released into the environment and consumers are never exposed to harmful ingredients. This is not an unrealistic goal. It’s quite possible if we act responsibly.”

The switch to vegan brand cosmetics has been a trend lately, but there’s a company that’s been changing the game in both the makeup and skincare world, Jane Iredale “The Skin Care Makeup.” Each product is made hypoallergenic and cruelty free, meaning every application is healthy for both our planet and our skin. Ingredients are derived from natural plant extracts and vitamins and minerals that nourish and protect the skin from everyday environmental aggressors and long term aging.

“Well if you’ve ever heard the slogan ‘think globally, act locally’ you understand our philosophy. And Jane lives it in every decision she makes,” Towne says. “From the manufacturing of our products, to the building of our new environmentally friendly corporate headquarters in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Our goal is not just to create healthy products. Our goal is influence the world to act lovingly and responsibly towards our bodies, our environment and hopefully each other.”

Achieve a “Bronzed Goddess” look this spring and summer


On a clean, moisturized face, apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener according to skin type. Then follow with desired foundation, tinted moisturizer, or powder to achieve desired coverage. Then taking a fluffy powder brush, swirl in the new Peaches and Cream Bronzer and generously sweep all over cheeks, forehead and jawline to achieve a warm, bronzy complexion. This trick will give the face dimension, color and subtle glow.


Taking the PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple in the New Pink Quartz palette, pick up the shimmery soft pink shade and using either a flat brush or ring finger, press pigment all over the lids. Blend out any harsh lines with a fluffy brush if needed.

For a night time, sultry look, pick up the PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple in the New Soft Kiss palette. With a fluffy crease brush, pick up the matte warm mauve shade and using a windshield wiper motion, rock this shade in your crease till desired intensity. Then pick up the shimmery port wine shade with a flat shader brush or ring finger and press pigment all over lid till desired intensity. Pick up same fluffy brush from previous shade and use to blend out any harsh edges.

Follow with eyeliner and mascara.


Apply the new PureMoist Lipstick in the shade Lisa or Susan to achieve a soft, nude lip. Apply till desired intensity. Use with or without lip liner.

Misconceptions about Mineral Makeup

Mineral powder dries out my skin! Mineral foundations clog my pores!

These complaints might sound familiar when it comes to the world of mineral makeup. Whether we believe either, it all comes down to the ingredient list we all seem to pass by when picking up a product in store. Just how we analyze ingredient lists when grocery shopping, it works the same way when we consume makeup and skincare products for our skin, the largest organ of our bodies.

“Although this concern makes sense when you think about traditional powders, we must realize that good mineral makeup has a completely different kind of formulation,” Towne says. “Every [Jane Iredale] product that we make has some kind of skincare benefit. Whether it be antioxidant, hydration or SPF protection, all of our products are literally good for the skin.”

Ingredients like talc, which dries out the skin, along with petroleum, synthetic preservatives, and artificial fragrances are worth avoiding  when picking out a brand. Think about it, the average woman eats two full tubes of lipstick per year, why would we want these harmful contents into our internal organs? Most skincare and makeup products aren’t as pretty as they may seem.

“The long term effect on our skin is that we don’t get the full benefits of any skincare we ever use because our skin is in a constant state of irritation,” Towne says. “For example, moisture doesn’t absorb efficiently if our pores are clogged. If our skin is red and irritated from using Artificial Fragrances, we end up having to wear more makeup to cover the redness.  This really defeats the purpose of what we’re doing.”