Jimmy Eat World Sings It All the Way Back

At House of Blues, April 21

When Jimmy Eat World made its second stop in a year to Las Vegas on April 21, the essence of the early 2000s was alive and well. But it wasn’t just because of the band’s generational hits.

Cellphones weren’t exactly popular when the band first gained traction almost 20 years ago, and, surprisingly, they weren’t too present in the crowd during its latest performance. Instead, fans shifted their eyes to the stage in complete adoration, hanging onto frontman Jim Adkins’ every word.

The connection was strong—every note likely reminding everyone in the crowd of their first heartbreak, their first high school party and simpler times overall.

The set seemed never-ending, but after over an hour of music, and a flawless execution of “The Middle,” the musicians left the stage. But there was one problem: catchy hit single “Sweetness” was missing.

After a minute, Jimmy Eat World returned for more. The tease stage exit felt more like an intermission than the break before an encore. The songs continued, and when the band finally played “Sweetness,” all truly became right in the emo world.