Daft Punk at Vegoose in 2007. Photo by Aaron Thompson.

What Was the First Music Festival You Attended?

“My first music festival was a Vegas treasure cut short known as Vegoose in 2007. I saved $80 to watch Daft Punk live alongside my cousin. We pretty much lost our minds and I achieved a checkmark on my bucket list.” –Mauricio Morales, marketing manager, Corner Bar Management

“My memory is a little shaky, but I think Extreme Thing 2002 at Desert Breeze Park was my intro to music festivals. I was 14, rocking studded belts and wristbands, waiting for boys in bands to throw their picks/drumsticks and swooning over Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw.” –Cierra Pedro, senior designer

“The first Lollapalooza in 1991, with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Body Count and Jane’s Addiction. All day in the rain ruined my brand-new Paul Smith sweater—and it was amazing.” –Ben Ward, creative director

“I was really little and we were living in San Francisco at the time when my parents took us to the Bread & Roses Festival of Music in 1980. My uncle was a grip in Oakland and Berkeley and hooked us up with tickets. We saw Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock, Etta James, Mose Allison and other musicians dropped in like Joan Baez. Howard Hesseman was the emcee. I don’t remember much except good music and lots of pot in the air: Maybe that’s why my brothers and I had a lot of laughs!” –Kara Nichols, payroll/human resources manager

“It was X107.5’s Our Big Concert back in the late ‘90s when it was a daylong event at Sam Boyd Stadium. Props to my mom for allowing me to attend a music festival with friends and no adult supervision at age 12.” –Jessi C. Acuña, senior editor, lifestyle 

“The Hard Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles, 2013. Both of my friends took Molly, and I snuck in a bottle of sunscreen filled with flavored vodka.” –Ellie Morrissey, marketing coordinator, Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival

“Rock the Bells in Concord, California, in 2006. I had just launched my own music website and got hooked up with a press pass to see acts like Wu-Tang, Mos Def, Living Legends and more. The highlight, though, was going backstage to interview Immortal Technique—a very angry dude, if you’re unfamiliar—who threatened: ‘If you misquote me, I’ma find you and I’ma fuck you up.’ As he was eating a chocolate chip cookie.” –Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content