Here’s How To Roll A Joint According To Five YouTube Videos

For nearly a decade I’ve been enjoying weed in all its delightful forms, ultimately settling into a rotation of low-dose edibles, high-octane dabs, and fat doobs. But in that time I’ve also been keeping a dark secret: I can’t roll a joint for shit. It seems like a stoner right of passage to roll a crisp joint, like something you learn to perfect over the course of a listless summer or a lazy week at your girlfriend’s parents’ beach house.

But, alas, some of us did a lot more smoking than we did rolling and now have to face the consequences of our lifelong moochery in the form of public shame. How many times have I found myself sticky-fingered and hopeless in the face of impossibly thin papers and out-of-control crutches? Too many times to count, though I’m not especially skilled at counting either. What should be easy peasy is actually difficult, difficult, difficult—hence the shame…

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