One Family Gives Farm Animals a Second Chance at Life

Rachel Roberts-Levi was exhausted. For two straight weeks, the founder of One Family Animal Sanctuary was caring for the organization’s newest rescue, Captain, a horse on the brink of death. Every four hours, the skeletal horse that doctors thought wouldn’t make it through the first night in his new home, needed to be fed small amounts of food.

Six months later, the horse who was brought to the North Las Vegas sanctuary, once starving, is now 150 pounds heavier and on his way back to normal size.

This is what Roberts-Levi wants for all of the animals being cared for at One Family.

Founded in 2014, One Family’s Roberts-Levi, and her husband Avraham Levi, began a quest to serve as a safe haven for farm animals that had been abused, neglected or could no longer be cared for by their owners. The two offered a place of protection, love and a more peaceful way of life. They also began work to raise awareness that farm animals—just like cats and dogs—deserve to be loved and recognized as friends, not food.

To do this, One Family began to get out into the community, namely schools, visiting students and offering them chances to rub the pigs’ bellies and snuggle with chickens, building a connection to the animals.

“The kids create bonds and memories they will carry with them for the rest of their lives,” she says. “Hopefully, one day it will help them to decide to look beyond the abstract words society has created like ‘bacon’ and make the connection that animals are sentient beings that feel pain and deserve to live.”

Today, the sanctuary spans roughly two acres and is home to more than 50 rescued farm animals from Las Vegas and Pahrump, and offers adoption and fostering.

The private sanctuary rescues farm animals and provides them with long-term love and care in a cage-free environment. Animals with One Family receive food, shelter and medical treatment, which is covered largely by donations. What donations don’t cover, the husband-wife team pay out-of-pocket, ensuring the rescues get the best care possible.

“They have no voice,” she says. “We have to be their light and their voice and help them pull through these horrible situations so that they can go on to be confident, loving animals. This is why we continue making daily sacrifices to help animals in need, and they are worth it every single time.”