Video Premiere: Ekoh – “Vegas”

For his latest offering, Las Vegas rapper Ekoh reimagines The Chainsmokers’ somber “Paris” with “Vegas.” Similar in tone, the “heart-hop” emcee taps producer All The Sauce for an emotional slow-burner on the Las Vegas dream. The song tells the story of a couple who leaves their small town for Sin City and falls into the vices of its nickname.

“[It’s about] the struggle of trying to make it in a 24-hour city that can eat you alive and the pain of having to watch the person you love slip away into it,” Ekoh says. “Some people make it through, but more end up going back home.”

Directed by Dalton Campbell, the video, naturally, uses the Strip as its backdrop before spiraling into a dizzying kaleidoscope of lights at the song’s climax. It also features a rooftop scene that Ekoh describes as “sketchy getting to” but worth it for the view.

“Vegas” is the latest in a string of singles that he’s released over the past two years. Rather than drop an album, he’s strategically focused his efforts on individual songs and their respective videos. And he’s reaping the rewards.

“I feel like the market has changed, especially for smaller artists like myself,” he says. “For me, singles just make more sense financially and artistically. I can put out an album with 10 songs and it will have the life span of two months, cost a lot of money and take a lot of time and energy to make. Or, I can take those 10 songs, make a quality video for each one, release one every month, market them hard, and build my brand as well as anticipation for the next song. I can remain constantly relevant for new fans, which is vital for new artists in an age where attention spans are shorter than ever.”

“I look like I always have something happening and something new coming out because I do,” he adds.

The move has shifted his career in a huge way, he says. With each single, his fan base grows. It’s all building up to an album he plans to release at the end of the year. But he won’t keep fans waiting too long. In July, he’ll release Along the Way: A Collection containing his last 10 singles, plus three new songs.

Watch “Vegas” above.

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