Roomi Helps With the Roommate Hunt


Cohabitation may sound like a mumbo-jumbo word for millennials, but the folks behind Roomi, a roommate-matching startup that launched in Las Vegas in February, believe its product is the answer to finding the right fit for harmonious house-sharing. “Everyone should be able to find a roommate who makes their lives better,” says Adam Gleicher, head of growth at Roomi. In other words, a coinhabitant should do more than just save you a few bucks. If you’re new to a city, these are the folks who can ideally help you get to know the place, take you to a yoga class or two and, generally speaking, make you feel at home.

Still, Roomi wants to help you save money. The online and app-based service originally launched in New York in 2015, and is now available in 21 cities. According to Gleicher, they came to Las Vegas because more than 40 percent of locals spend over 35 percent of their income on rent, as noted in the 2015 American Community Survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau. Roomi also cuts out antiquated lease commitments by offering rental duration search options as short as one to three months. “We want to make cities more affordable for people by creating opportunities to live with roommates,” Gleicher says.

The concept is simple: If you are looking for a roommate, you can create a listing from your computer or phone with as few as two photos of your home. Add all the relevant details, including price, duration of stay, amenities and house rules. After identity verification and a review by Roomi’s team, you’re ready to be included in its search database—think Airbnb, which the website resembles quite a bit. If you’re on the other end looking for a place to stay, search listings by location, price and factors such as whether your cat can come along. Messaging is built into Roomi, making it easy to assess the contenders. And the best part? It is free for everyone, unlike its competitors Easy Roommate, Roomster and Roomiematch.

Visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.