Food For Thought

Much has been made of the term “locavore”—which loosely means a person who mostly consumes locally grown food—in the media. Sometimes it’s misunderstood and even playfully mocked (we’re looking at you, Portlandia), but at its heart, it simply means eating sustainably. There are myriad ways we can do that in Nevada, beyond the usual chain grocery stores whose produce is trucked in from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

In this patch of desert we call home, there is so much abundance, from dairy and honey to locally grown vegetables at farmers markets and community gardens. And, despite Las Vegas being hundreds of miles from a major body of water, thanks to creative chefs on the Strip and elsewhere who source sustainably from fishermen the world over, seafood is a star here.

We’ve reached a point, hopefully, in which this way of eating is no longer a novelty or a fad, but simply a way of life. And that’s a good thing for us and for the planet.

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