Brooksy’s Got Deals You Can Eat (But Can’t Beat)

The Dawg That Bit Ya

Running around checking out deals is a pretty good gig that leads to plenty of interesting experiences, but every once in a while I come across something that really stands out. Last week, I referenced the monster Bloody Mary that was conceived at the Porchlight Grille a few years back and now resides at Brooksy’s Bar & Grill at 9295 West Flamingo Road. I’d heard about this thing but never actually had one, so I gave it a go.

There are a lot of “stacked” Bloody Marys around town, but this was one of the first on the scene and I’ve yet to see another as elaborate. Its creator, Seanna, one of the bartenders, says she put it together after a rival dared her to outdo his pizza-garnished Bloody Mary. How do you top pizza on a stick? She figured that steak and lobster would get the job done.

It’s served in an oversize glass with her own spicy mix that she calls “The Dawg that Bit Ya!” There’s a bacon-salt rim with a long Slim Jim off to the side. A taller skewer has a cherry pepper, a shrimp, salami slices (one wrapped around a chunk of mozzarella), a tomato slice, dill pickle chips, a piece of rare N.Y. strip steak and a pepperoncini. Both the shrimp and the steak are high quality, but a second skewer holds the star of the show: a whole lobster tail. It’s a good one—taken out of the shell for you, it’s bigger and better than 90 percent of the tails you get in the cheap steak-and-lobster specials in the casinos.

The price is $25. Is that a deal? Oh yeah! For one thing you won’t have to eat dinner after one of these. But you also get the drink that’s made with “three to four” shots of call vodka. The booze itself is worth at least $15 (be warned: the mix is hot). It’s also something of an event, as everyone in the bar stops what they’re doing to take a look at the beast.

Brooksy’s. Photo by Krystal Ramirez

On top of everything, Brooksy’s is one of Las Vegas’ most interesting bars, built adjacent to the Las Vegas Ice Center, a full-size ice rink where you can watch competitive hockey games through a big picture window. The lobster Mary is served on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6—11 p.m. or until they’re gone, but if you get there a little late, just stick around until midnight when pizzas and appetizers are half price (this place might make the best veggie pizzas in Vegas).

For video poker players, there’s a good 7/5 Bonus Poker game, with wheel spins on quad 5-Ks from 2–5 p.m. and 4–7 a.m. daily. That combo puts the return above 99 percent and, if you play enough, you might even get that surf n’ turf Mary comped.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and