@chicanoeats is among our favorites.

What’s Your Favorite Food Account on Instagram?

“Visibility is essential, and @chicanoeats, a Chicano food blogger sharing his favorite Mexican dishes as well as his gorgeous photography accompanying each dish, is my current favorite.”–Krystal Ramirez, staff photographer

“My favorite is @pizza, because pizza is life.” –Darren Flores, lead editor, Critical Focus

“Nadia G. used to host the Cooking Channel’s Bitchin’ Kitchen—a punk rock comedy cooking show. There hasn’t been a new episode in years, but the show goes on for Nads. You can see her latest creations, rants and ventures (including touring with her band The Menstruators) at @nadiagstar.” –Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

“A fantastic photographer, Sabin Orr, @sabin_orr. You’ve seen his beautiful and high-concept work many times in the pages of Vegas Seven. He’s an all-around nice guy and a must-follow for food pics.” –Ben Ward, creative director

More photos from @chicanoeats

@cookingforbae. While other foodstagrams make you drool, @cookingforbae’s posts make you cringe with vomit-inducing ‘struggle plates.’ As the account name suggests, the dishes featured are made with love for a significant other, but the finished product—sausages that look like charcoal squares, chicken that will give you salmonella poisoning  and a variety of mystery meats—will make you question the cooks’ true intentions.” –Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content

“I follow a lot of food publications and blogs, and their photos always make me drool, so it’s hard to choose. Lucky Peach is one of my faves, but I’m so bummed that the magazine has been discontinued. I hope it still lives on in my Instagram feed, @luckypeach. R.I.P., Lucky Peach.” –Cierra Pedro, senior designer

@thugkitchen, because I like a little verbal abuse to go with my food porn. (Also, the plant-based recipes are to die for.)” –Genevie Durano, dining editor