A Big Weekend Ahead for Future Stars of Wrestling

Future Stars of Wrestling

Future Stars of Wrestling, the Las Vegas-based grappling promotion that features both local and national talent kicks off its Inaugural Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony on Friday May 19. Following that nod to the past, it delves into the future with night of action-packed wrestling at Sam’s Town Live.

“The Hall of Fame,” says Joe DeFalco, FSW’s owner, “will honor people who not only helped the Vegas wrestling community, but have helped to put Future Stars of Wrestling in the forefront of wrestling in Las Vegas.”

The Friday night event at the FSW Arena will feature an official induction ceremony followed by a Q and A, with food and refreshments served. The inaugural group of three inductees includes multiple-time AWA champion Nick Bockwinkel, independent wrestling legend Al Katrazz, and “Vegas Original” Rush.

“Nick Bockwinkel was always our first thought for the Hall,” DeFalco says. “He was a legend who lived here, not just performed at the Showboat. Al Katrazz did a lot for our company—he helped put us on the map. Finally, the ties between Buffalo Jim, us and Rush made him a natural third member for our first group.”

Coming on the heels of March’s When Stars Collide!, the eighth anniversary show is a combustible mix of rivalries and possibilities.

A mixed-tag match will feature strong style hipster Jakob Austin Young and Hudson Envy versus Douglas James and Heather Monroe. Ring of Honor star (and FSW trainer) Kenny King will take on Willie Mack, who wrestles for Lucha Underground as The Mack, in their first in-ring meeting.

A multi-wrestler affair, the Cash in the Case Ladder Match, pits Greg Romero, Nick Bugatti, Nino Black, Damian Drake, Owen Travers and Hyperstreak against each other. They are vying for more than bragging rights: The winner of the case gets a No Limits title shot at the time and place of their choosing, a fast track to a potential title reign.

The No Limits division, by the way, tends to feature higher-flying, more athletic competition. Its title will be defended in a two-out-of-three falls match as Suede Thompson, who bills himself as your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestler, seats to unseat Cut Throat Cody.

The match follows a series of encounters between the two that have ended with Cody, aided by his acolyte Patrick, still holding the belt. At the most recent FSW live event, Thompson challenged Cody to the stipulation match to settle once and for all their differences.

“Cody and I,” says Thompson, “have known each other for years. We have had our previous encounters, but I’d say the past four months have been culminating to this two-out-of-three falls match for the No Limits Championship. No one has had Cody’s number like I have. I’ve made Cody tap, I’ve beat the hell out of him and his lackey, I’ve proven that I can go toe to toe with the best this division has to offer. To win this match and become the new No Limits Champion would mean a lot to me. It would mean all the hard work paid off—all the countless hours of training, hours in the gym, days on the road … all the lost relationships. It would mean that I finally solidify myself as FSW’s top guy of the No Limits Division. May 20 is the beginning of something amazing. Come be witness.”

Cody responds:

“Suede Thompson seems to be trying his hand at head games. He’s throwing out challenges and calling me by my real name.

“What he doesn’t seem to understand is that I’ve had many names over the last eight years, and on the 20th at Sam’s Town he’ll come to understand my other names.

“He’ll learn that my name is Fear.

“He’ll discover my name is Suffering, and after our two out of three falls match he and everybody inside of Sam’s Town Live will forever know my name as FSW’s No Limits Champion.”

The No Limits division features more high-risk, athletic contests.

“I plan on stealing the show, tearing the roof off the place and being the only thing you think about when it’s all said and done. Period.” – Funny Bone, wrestler

The tag team titles are also up for grabs, with the 86ers (Remy the Gent and Jack the Reaper, the former Whirlwind Gentlemen) battle with Sugar Brown and Clutch, the Bonu$ Boyz for the right to carry the tag team gold. FSW Commissioner Pauly Kover explains:

“Our champions Reno Scum have been sidelined, due to injury and both the 86ers & Bonu$ Boyz feel they deserve the titles. But nobody is just handed a championship in FSW. Instead, we are putting the FSW Tag Team Championship on the line at Sam’s Town, when these two teams face each other in a street fight! There will be violence and we will crown new champions!”

But what about Reno Scum, who have been making a name for themselves nationally on Impact Wrestling and might not take kindly to losing their FSW titles outside of the ring?

“As far as Reno Scum is concerned,” Kover says, “we’ll cross that bridge in the future.”

The main event is also about gold—in this case, the FSW title. Champion Hammerstone—who won the belt at When Stars Collide!—faces the original demon king, Funny Bone. Bone, whose over the top entrances and no-holds-barred attitude has made him a favorite of Las Vegas audiences, is eager for the spotlight:

“This isn’t just Future Stars of Wrestling’s eighth anniversary,” he says. “This is your Demon King’s 16-year anniversary in the wrestling business. I plan on stealing the show, tearing the roof off the place and being the only thing you think about when it’s all said and done. Period.”

There’s no reason to doubt Funny Bone, but with the matches already announced—as well as others that may be—it’s going to be a hard show to steal. And that makes Sam’s Town Live a place local wrestling fans will want to be on May 20.