Kongos Gives Us a Taste of The Good Life

Erik Kabik Photography

When Kongos took the JBL Sound Stage at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool, no words were exchanged. Dylan Kongos stepped out and dove right into the gentle melody of “Repeat After Me.” One by one, his band members joined him, and from there, we were welcomed into Kongos’ world of charm and fun.

The band inspired a sing-along during its cover of The Beatles’ “Get Back,” and throughout the show, impressed with an eclectic LED wall of visuals, ranging from cartoon character Steamboat Willie to unique, live feed angles, by way of GoPros, of the musicians shredding on their instruments.

Kongos launched into a five-minute jam session inspired by its native country, South Africa, and that energy kept the crowd grooving. Most impressive was how all four band members sang the hell out of every tune, and the bass and guitar players switched instruments often and effortlessly throughout the night. A badass accordion solo also left a lingering impression.

As the groovy night concluded, all we were left to say was cheers to the good life and rock ’n’ roll.