Celebrate the Black-footed Pig During Jaleo’s Ibérico Week

Iberico Ham by Vicushka

The story of Ibérico Week (May 20–25) at Jaleo by José Andrés (The Cosmopolitan, jaleo.com) begins in the rangelands of western Spain, where black-hoofed Ibérico pigs run free in family groups, feasting on sweet encina acorns. The acorns impart a delicious nutty flavor, making jamón Ibérico de bellota Spain’s culinary jewel. In celebration, Jaleo offers a weeklong event showcasing the beloved pig in a tasting menu. Enjoy side-by-side tastings of jamón Ibérico from two different regions—Cinco Jotas and Fermin—Solimillo bellota de manzana, bellota tenderloin with roasted apples and rosemary; or Fricando de carilleras, braised cheeks with morel mushrooms and grilled presa Ibérica, cooked to rosy-pink medium rare and so exquisite it’s like eating a fine cut of beef. Of course, there is Arroz de costillo Iberico, paella with Ibérico shoulder and rib meat. There are 12 dishes to enjoy, including a refreshing dessert featuring gin and tonic sorbet with lemon and aromatics. $150/person ($75 additional for wine pairing).