Fun in the Sun

Our picks for this season’s top outdoor toys

Memorial Day weekend fun can start in your own backyard. Here are some pool and yard accessories and games to keep the kids—and adults—entertained.

Zuru X-Shot Sports Bubble Ball

You often look your silliest when you’re having the most fun, so remember that when you’re reprising Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in Bubble Boy. Our suggestion: Get the kids and adults together and charge each other like you’re auditioning for Braveheart instead. $52, Toys “R” Us,

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable

No one should ever have to choose between beer pong and swimming, and this floating party island ensures you never have to. And if the kids want to play, how about some juice pong? $35,

AquaClimb Climbing Wall

Swimming is already one of the most enjoyable exercises, but AquaClimb decided it was missing a wall. Aquatic climbing obstacles are a fun introduction to the sport and a break from your usual poolside routine. Visit for a quote.

Ripline Epic Zipline

At a family-friendly event, the quickest way to impress a kid is to hook them up to a zip line. With a couple of tools and a sturdy tree, a line goes up within 30 minutes. Hang on tight, kid, or your family won’t be invited back. $155,

Spikeball Kit

Described as “if volleyball and four square had a baby,” Spikeball’s probably the most fun an adult can have without tequila. The game is simple: Someone bounces the ball off the hula hoop net, and your team of two has up to three hits to get it back there. Sounds easy enough, until people start believing they’ve got a Serena Williams serve. $53,