Grill Glory

How to grill the perfect steak.

Behind every good steak is a carnivore who gave a damn. Grilling steak requires a specific technique, best explained by a pro. So we tapped Edge Steakhouse Chef de Cuisine Steve Young to give us some pointers.

1. Always consider the cut of your meat. Young recommends using ribeye, hanger, flat-iron or New York strip steak. “Choose something that’s preferably bone-in and looks marbly,” he advises. “You start with quality and you’re gonna end with quality.”

2. Let your steak reach room temperature before grilling. Season it liberally with salt, depending on its thickness. Afterward, let it sit for a minimum of 45 minutes.

3. Heat your grill to about 500 degrees so the steak can sear. Flipping it frequently also produces better results. Cook both sides for about four and a half minutes.

4. Once the steak’s finished, place it on the grill rack for a minimum of five to 10 minutes. “If you rest it on a plate or a tray, all the juice kind of pools,” Young explains, “and it still continues to cook much more than it would if [it was] on a rack.” Now, top off with sea salt.

5. What about side dishes? Young suggests grilling shishito peppers, asparagus or baby potatoes to pair with the steak. Cook your protein on the bottom rack, then let it finish on the top so its juices drip down and season the veggies. Cook them for one to two minutes per side, or until blistered.