What’s Your Dream Vacation Destination?


Hogwarts castle and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan.

“My ultimate dream vacation would be backpacking through Middle-earth, Wonderland, Arrakis, Hogwarts and Westeros.” —Jessie O’Brien, DTLV.com editor

“Fresh off a trip to Iceland, I can already say that I cannot wait to return to spend a few weeks driving the famous Ring Road around that windswept, volcanic island nation. Why? For the same reasons that (wo)mankind first climbed Mount Everest or ate the first oyster: Because it was there!” —Xania Woodman, senior contributing editor (beverage)

“My dream vacation would be hitchhiking and couch-surfing across Europe like New York Times best-selling author and Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman. I think the culture in Europe is fascinating. And the food—the food in Europe looks really good.” —Ryan Vellinga, editorial intern

“Prague. Not only for the culture and medieval architecture, but also your average beer is the equivalent of one U.S. dollar.” —Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

“I’d love to visit London. It’s birthed some of the best boy and girl bands of the last two decades (the Spice Girls and One Direction). It’s home to some of the poshest celebrities (Daisy Ridley, Boy George and Gary Oldman). And it features some of the tastiest breakfast fare.” —Amber Sampson, web editor

“My dream vacation would be in a little hut on the water in Bora Bora. I would just stay in my little hut all day, watching the ocean outside. Would I swim in the ocean? Um, hard pass. I’m terrified of sharks. The chances of a shark attack are very, very slim, but we thought the same thing about Donald Trump becoming president, and look where we are now.” —Katie Michaels, editorial intern

“It has to be the Greek Islands. I’d make a requisite stop in Mykonos (because partying), but most of my time would be spent in Lemnos and Santorini, soaking up a little history coupled with a lot of sun and wine. I’d leave behind all technology, set up in a whitewashed cave house for a month and look for a job.” —James P. Reza, columnist