MB Steak's dry-aged Tomahawk. Photography by Jim Decker

All the Meats

At the new MB Steakhouse in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (hardrockhotel.com), it is impossible to resist eating everything on the menu. But desire and ability—as we all know—are two very different things. When making the hard choice about what to order, go for the 36-ounce dry-aged Tomahawk, which amply accommodates two hungry diners. Served sliced and covered in a roasted chili rub, it is packed with flavor and just enough kick. And if you are looking to take your steak game to the next level, try one of three Wagyu offerings, including a 6-ounce Miyazaki Japanese New York strip steak and a 6-ounce Imperial New York strip steak. For something on the lighter side, go with the pan-roasted Alaskan halibut, served with tomato broth and olive relish. MB, which stands for My Brothers, is the first joint venture from siblings David Morton and Michael Morton, and is the continuation of the legacy of their father, legendary restaurateur Arnie Morton.