The Future of Grocery Shopping

The future of grocery shopping is here! Instacart ( is a web and smartphone app service that allows customers to shop for groceries from the comfort of their computer or phone. Whether you’re leaving work late or growing roots on your couch, Instacart can lend a hand.

The app pairs the customer up with a personal shopper who is trained to select fresh, undamaged produce from multiple stores. Delivery can be scheduled as soon as two hours from placing an order, or whenever it’s convenient for you. There are exclusive coupons available and a shopping-with-friends option that come in handy for sharing groceries with roommates or planning family get-togethers. With an Instacart account, you can also can browse and save favorite recipes (with an option to add the ingredients to the order).

If you’re worried about getting something that’s underripe, rotten or not the right type or amount, Instacart allows you to add notes to each item in the basket. And the communication works both ways: If the quality of the produce on the shelf is questionable, the shopper can text to verify whether to keep the item in the cart or remove it. Payment is not finalized until the moment of checkout, so customers have the flexibility to select exactly what they want. –Shannon Miller

Delivery fee is $8 for deliveries less than $35, and $6 for deliveries $35 or more. Instacart partners with Albertsons, Cardenas, Petco, Smart & Final and Whole Foods throughout the Valley, with more locations to come.