Dead Kennedys Bring Punk Power To the Dive Bar

Krystal Ramirez

Throughout the show, half of the audience was engaged in slam-dancing to songs such as “Buzzbomb,” “Jock-O-Rama,” “Kill the Poor,” “California Über Alles” and “Holiday in Cambodia.” But it wasn’t until hearing a rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” that the fans went into a frenzy complete with stage dives.

While former frontman Jello Biafra hasn’t been with the band since the ’80s, Ron “Skip” Greer does a superb job with his rambunctious and animated presence—and it doesn’t hurt that he sounds like Biafra, either.

he band’s original lineup helped shape punk-rock music and its scene, and hearing the remaining members perform together was a furious and haunting musical experience.

Photography by Krystal Ramirez ​