Where Can I Work Via Wi-Fi While Drinking at the Same Time?

Are you working remotely, or remotely working? I wield a wicked combination of an iPad, a keyboard and a cocktail to do both. While the white-collar, three-martini lunch has been relegated to the dustbin of drunk history (I blame the IRS), working over a cocktail (or craft beer) is a thing in most metropolitan areas, especially among techies and Millennials.

Along the Strip, finding free Wi-Fi might be easier than finding free parking, even if you prefer sipping a Cuba Libré to slurping a coffee slushie. Many hotels make it easy to grab a drink at the lobby bar and connect, so choosing where to drink-work is more a matter of vibe. Do you want a bright place where you can peruse important papers as well as screens? Should it be quiet, or doesn’t that matter? How much space do you need to be comfortable completing your work? Are you trying to impress a colleague?

If you are on the Strip and seeking a spot with a little bit of all of that, I suggest parking the PowerBook at either Parasol Up in Wynn or Press at Four Seasons. Both are friendly, comfy and upscale. On the other end of the spectrum is Downtown’s Gold Spike, whose co-working area offers a youthful vibe and plenty of space to spread out and appear to be doing something other than day drinking. Prefer to be outdoors? Try Bin 702 or Atomic Liquors. Now that the heat is on, I’m partial to an end seat at the vast Cornish Pasty Co. bar, where a huge selection of food and drink offers something for everyone. Another fave serves only beer, but lots of it: Tenaya Creek Brewery is bright, relaxed (before happy hour) and has bar-height tables perfect for working.

Beyond Downtown, both Starboard Tack and Golden Tiki are great places to work out your laptop on a hot weekday afternoon. They are dark, pleasantly cool and pretty quiet during this time of day. Bartender, mai tai me! I have a column to write!

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