This Getting Ready Playlist Helps You Achieve Your Best Selfie

There are few things more gratifying than a phone screen flooded with notifications of new likes. Anyone who’s let their pho go cold while arranging their napkin and spoon just so for a #foodporn post can tell you that. But what’s the secret to never-ending double-taps—especially when it comes to matters of the selfie?

We took notes on how to achieve your most like-worthy photos from celebrity hairstylist Claude Baruk and his team of Encore salon experts at Wynn’s Mastering Your Most Flattering Selfie class in May. Since everyone knows you take the best selfies pre-turn-up, we paired tips from the class with a helpful playlist for you to pump while you primp.

“Glowed Up” by Kaytranada ft. Anderson.Paak
Highlighter can be so tempting (especially the sparkly rainbow kind—am I right?), but the experts advise exercising caution. “Don’t highlight under the eyes, unless it’s under professional lighting in a controlled environment,” says Jennifer Howard, a full-time makeup artist with 24 years of professional experience. The highlighter will make your under-eye area appear flat white, instead of the glowing look you hope to achieve.

“Flashing Lights” by Kanye West ft. Dwele

Translucent powder, white and weightless, is handy for setting foundation in place and smoothing lines and pores. However, it can be a nuisance when taking your selfies with a flash. Howard says the powder will bounce light back, making your face (or wherever you used it) appear several shades lighter than the rest of your body. Instead, opt for a loose powder pigmented to match your skin tone.

“Love Yourz” by J. Cole

When applying your makeup, remember to play up what you love most about your face. It’s easy to get swept up or frustrated by makeup tutorials or celebrity looks, but everyone is blessed with different features. Embrace your full lips, crooked smile, freckles, whatever you admire.

“Angles” by Mick Jenkins ft. NoName and Xavier Omar

We all have different features to love, but is there one angle that’s universally flattering? According to Baruk, yes. With your phone in hand, outstretch your arm and position the camera across from your eyes. That way, you won’t be casting shadows on your own face by holding the phone too high or low. Baruk says we all take our most like-worthy selfies in the car. Why? Light shines through the windshield and windows, illuminating our faces with flattering, natural light.

“Something’s Missing” by The Internet

We’ve all seen the BuzzFeed galleries of selfies, senior portraits and the like ruined by unfortunate backgrounds. Before you post your #OOTD, make sure everything behind you is photo-ready, too. The makeup on your bathroom counter? Put that back in your caboodle. That messy bed? Make it how your mama taught you. Last night’s club dress with the ketchup stain? Pre-treat it, then throw that in the wash. Make sure your glass surfaces are clean for the #mirrorselfie, too.

“Déjà Vu” by Beyoncé ft. Jay Z

Once you’re feeling fly about your appearance and surroundings, get to snapping! Baruk confesses that even he takes more than one selfie. It takes time to find the right head tilt, facial expression, etc., so take your photos from your phone’s camera, rather than an app, for the highest quality.

Wynn’s Master Class Series continues with Mixology 2.0 on June 9 and Grilling With a Master on June 15.