What’s Your Favorite Casino Bar?

“The Chandelier inside The Cosmopolitan. This is my go-to when guests are in town, because it’s absolutely gorgeous. They also have a drink not on the menu that comes with a [Sichuan] flower called a ‘buzz button’ that you chew with your drink. It is a mix of Novocain and Pop Rocks in your mouth. Itís one of those hidden Vegas surprises everyone loves.” –Nicole Niazmand, director of digital sales

“There aren’t many bars that I can spend a whole night at, but Franklin inside Delano is one of them, thanks to its great food, live music, modern decor, perfect lighting and whiskey. The bartenders are super knowledgeable and have all these crazy whiskey concoctions. There aren’t many hotel bars in town where I can have real connections with bartenders and the other patrons. I feel at home at Franklin.” –Adam Christopher Smith, production coordinator, Life Is Beautiful Festival

“Hexx Kitchen + Bar inside Paris Las Vegas. Not only are its cocktails delicious and crafted with quality ingredients, but the space is also beautiful. The Alexxa Riki is served over chipped ice, and looks like a rainbow snow cone. And while you sip at the bar, watch through the window how they make their chocolate.”
–Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

“It’s a tie between the Wynn’s Parasol Up and The Parlour Bar at El Cortez. Parasol Up is the kind of timeless resort bar where James Bond might appear. Bright, cheerful and upscale, it makes every visit a vacation. Plus, their gratis bar snacks are top-shelf. In contrast, the dark, clubby Parlour Bar—featuring supremely comfy banquettes and old-school bartenders—is the perfect place to disappear into your whiskey.” –James P. Reza, Ask a Native columnist

“Vue Bar at The D, purely due to all the memories I’ve made there since receiving my horizontal ID. During the space’s Fitzgerald’s era (and my early 20s), the bar was perfect for pre-gaming a night Downtown—Bud Light drafts were only $1! The beers are pricier now, but the bar still remains a meeting spot for my group of friends during the annual Pride Parade—when we hear the Dykes on Bikes’ engines roaring, we know it’s time to drink up and head down to the party.”
–Mark Adams, Arts & entertainment editor

“While technically not a casino, the Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental has the best bar, hands down. Twenty-three floors up with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the Strip, it is the perfect place to get a grown-up drink, away from the crowds that besiege casino floors.” –Genevie Durano, managing editor, dining editor

“I had a lot of firsts at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Center Bar. It was the place to get the night started, and often led to many adventures on property. It was the first place where I played table games, the first place where I saw my love, Morrissey, in person, the first place where I had a one-night stand, the first place where I attended a porn convention. I could go on.” –Krystal Ramirez, staff photographer