Chubby Cattle’s Little Lamb

Cierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

Illustration by Cierra Pedro

What do you do when you are unable to source quality lamb meat for your traditional Mongolian dish served in a metal hot pot? In the case of industrious 20-something Hai Bin Yang, owner of Mongolian hot pot Chubby Cattle (3400 S. Jones Blvd.,, he breeds his own. Yang went in search of breeds similar to the ones found in his native Mongolia. After a series of DNA tests, he found the South African Dorper sheep was as close to a perfect match and he gave his flock a happy home in Texas. In the recent relaunch of Chubby Cattle (now Chubby Cattle 2.0), Yang served his black head Dorper lamb, which had been specifically bred to produce superior-quality meat for the restaurant’s type of cooking method.

“It is perfect for a hot pot, perfect in both flavor and texture,” Yang says.

Chubby Cattle’s organic sheep are pasture-raised to Yang’s specifications, grazing in low-stress open fields under unlimited amounts of sunshine, with plenty of fresh air, clean water and exercise. Since they are not raised for wool, the lanolin-gamey taste of most wool breeds is absent in Chubby Cattle’s meat, which is tender, milder and leaner. The entire process from farm-to-table is USDA-certified and delivered to Chubby Cattle in under 72 hours.

Fresh and ready to be sliced thin and served, the only decision to make once you arrive is which broth to try.