A Head-to-toe Guide to Cosmetic Surgeries


This permanent makeup treatment, a.k.a. eyebrow embroidery, is for anyone who wants those coveted thick brows or simply a reshape.

Genetically modified creams  & supplements 

A cell service worth roaming for, Switzerland-based iDDNA determines your personalized anti-aging regimen of “vitamins, supplements, diet, skin care and lifestyle” after analyzing DNA collected through a swab of your cheek.

Lip Service  

Instagram queens on a quest for the perfect duck face can achieve the longest-lasting results with silicone implants. But lip reduction actually saw a 283 percent increase in 2016. A sign of overbilling, perhaps?

Eye Lift  

The solution to combating “You look tired” pronouncers, this procedure helps eliminate bags that creams can’t correct by removing fat or excess skin from the area.

Filler Up  

Move over, Botox: Fillers are the new injectables of choice. Ranging from your own fat to hyaluronic acid, these infusions fill wrinkles, plump cheeks, chins and jawlines as well as reduce under-eye bags.

Microcurrent Facial

A volt of prevention is worth a pound of cream. Skinworks by Jane owner Jane Mann recommends starting this electrifying facial once a month in your 30s to prevent wrinkles.


It will prick just a little, but rolling the skin with teeny needles works wonders on skin, especially scars. Be sure to consult a professional before DIY-ing it with a roller you can buy off Amazon.

Arm Lift 

Brachioplasty, a procedure that reshapes saggy arms, has increased a whopping 5,184 percent since 2000.


Breast augmentation and lifts are still very popular procedures for women, but increasingly, men are undergoing chest-changing surgeries. Pectoral implants bulk up muscles, while gynecomastia surgery reduces enlarged breasts in men.

Hand Rejuvenation

To ensure the hands match the face, procedures such as fat grafting and laser resurfacing are meeting the demand for younger-looking mitts.

IV Treatments 

Beauty is in your blood with intravenous treatments concocted to boost everything from weight loss to hair growth.

Tummy Tucks  

At the top of the list for mommy makeovers, abdominoplasty creates a smoother, firmer stomach by trimming away excess fat and skin (after childbirth).

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)  

This surgical procedure takes fat from other parts of the body and injects it into the buttocks to plump it up. Plastic surgeon Samuel Sohn explains: “I don’t know if it is a Kim Kardashian thing … but a bigger butt is very, very popular these days.” And that goes for all ethnicities and ages.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Sohn says he is “getting more requests to make things pretty down there” with labiaplasty. Meanwhile, new laser procedures such as ThermiVa can tighten, relieve dryness and possibly even help with a leaky bladder.


A mainstay of body contouring for all ages, lipo removes excess fat from backs, ankles, necks … practically anywhere, and often with just one treatment.

Thigh Lift  

Lipo will suck out the fat, but a thigh lift will smooth out excess skin and create contours.

Lower Body Lift

If you’ve wondered how you could get a tummy tuck, butt lift and thigh lift with one fell incision, this is it—a face-lift for your bottom half.


A noninvasive fat-reduction option, this 25-minute treatment relies on heat from light-based technology to melt away love handles and other flabby spots.

Cellulite Slayers

There are two options for demolishing unwanted dimples: Cellfina uses a tiny needle-like device to cut the fibrous bands of connective tissue that pull on the skin, while endermologie is a magical ménage à trois of massaging, rolling and sucking that reactivates cellular activity and smoothes the skin.

Laser Legs

If you’re so vein, laser procedures can help varicose veins of all sizes disappear, and you’ll experience no downtime.


The leader in nonsurgical body contouring is CoolSculpting, which, as the name suggests, freezes fat away. It can sculpt shapely gams and more.

Red-light Therapy

No trip to Amsterdam needed—just an appointment at your neighborhood tanning salon. Red-light therapy beds boost circulation and collagen, leading to healthier skin from head to toe.

Mini-TightRope Bunionectomy

Reconfiguring your main mode of transportation is tricky, but, for bunion sufferers, this procedure can rein in pointy foot bones.

Dry Brushing

It’s cheap. It feels good. And you can do it at home. Grab a body brush for 10 bucks and stroke your way to healthier, suppler skin.