Hoover Dam Turns Into a Catwalk For Summer Fashion Show

Setting runways around the iconic monuments, Jessica Minh Anh, fashion producer and model, is making her next big mark at Nevada’s megastructure, Hoover Dam, on June 26. Previous locales for the young entrepreneur include the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, London’s Tower Bridge and One World Trade Center, among others.

“I think the most beautiful designs should be showcased at the best of locations,” Minh Anh says. “In order for the clothes to really show their true potential and beauty, we need to combine them with a beautiful background. That’s why I tie art, architecture, culture and fashion together.”

Featured designers include Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Turkish haute couturier Gülnur Günes and Pakistani award-winning talent Syeda Amera as well as Texas-based brand Aplomo. 

“I believe the Hoover Dam is something special because it is one of most beautiful architectural masterpieces,” Minh Anh says. “There are so many fashion shows happening around the world, but I believe our show is very special because of not only the venue, but the concept.”

Known to control floods as well as generate electricity and water for millions of people, the Hoover Dam was chosen to convey Jessica Minh Anh’s message supporting renewable energy to inspire a greener world for the future beyond fashion. Her fashion show in Sevilla, Spain was produced on the world’s first solar powered catwalk.

“We just try to show the new generations what they can do and that’s breaking boundaries,” says Minh Anh. “And not being afraid to do anything, including having a fashion show on top of a dam.”