A Repeat (But Better) Return of Mumford and Sons

Photography by Erik Kabik Photography 

Saturday’s sold-out Mumford and Sons show at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino likely inspired déjà vu for some attendees, as it felt like a near-repeat of the folk rockers’ headlining set at the Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival in 2016. Sans a few songs, it was the same show.

Set list aside, this show marked the third time the band has visited Las Vegas since they toured with debut album Sigh No More—and it was perhaps the best performance to date. Although Marcus Mumford and crew left out some crowd favorites (and unlike other shows on the tour, skipped covers), the band performed like a well-oiled machine. A majority of hits were played, with the audience quiet during slower songs such as “Hot Gates” and “Timshel” and bobbing their heads with arms in the air as the band played energetic tracks such as “The Cave.”

Mumford and Sons might’ve played the same songs as its last Vegas show (side note: when do we get new music, Marcus?), but the audience was still just as engaged as the band, which showed up in full, vibrant, beautiful force. Let’s hope next time they come to town, that energy is matched with some new tunes.